Diversity in Disaster

MCG, Melbourne

Diversity in Disaster

17-18 April 2018 - MCG, Melbourne

Conference proceedings, including videos of plenary sessions are available here.

Melbourne, MCG

Every year people and communities across Australia experience emergencies and natural disasters, but not all members of communities are equally affected.

Many people from diverse, marginalised or underrepresented communities experience disasters differently, facing unique challenges that influence their ability to respond and recover.

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Brett de Hoedt to emcee the Diversity in Disaster Conference

Journalist, broadcaster and change maker par excellence, Brett de Hoedt is an active supporter of not-for-profits, and has dedicated his life to connecting audiences with the real issues.

He is a ‘true believer in the power of communications to create positive change’.

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Press Release

Conference aims to make emergency management more inclusive.

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About the Conference

The Diversity in Disaster conference will engage emergency management practitioners, policy-makers and community services leaders and volunteers with the latest research on disaster resilience.

At the heart of the Diversity in Disaster conference is the opportunity to commit to inclusive and effective emergency management by understanding the strengths and needs of people from a range of backgrounds.

Participants will leave the conference with the tools and approaches to better support diverse communities to prepare, recover, bounce back and thrive.

Guest Speakers

  • Maureen FordhamSPEAKER
    Prof. Maureen Fordham
  • Sharon TortonsonSPEAKER
    Sharon Tortonson
  • Craig LapsleySPEAKER
    Craig Lapsley
  • Bob PeaseSPEAKER
    Prof. Bob Pease