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Diversity in Disaster - Issues Paper

This Issues Paper is designed to give an overview of issues to be presented at the conference to those in the emergency management sector, state and local government, academic and community sectors.

'A disaster resilient community is one where people understand the risks [affecting] them and others...'

The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience encourages increased understanding of diversity within communities. Ground-breaking research with marginalised groups in Australian disasters is rarely communicated directly with the emergency sector.

This Issues Paper draws on the key points from many of the proposed presentations at the Diversity in Disaster Conference to be held in Melbourne on 17-18th April, 2018. The paper provides a snapshot of current issues and aims to stimulate delegates' curiosity and increase understanding prior to their attendance.

Issues Paper

Issues Paper - Executive Summary

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This conference was first promoted to coincide with the International Day of Disaster Risk.

See this, and a wealth of resources on UNISDR's PreventionWeb.

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